Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Glen Eden or Green Bay

Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Property in Titirangi or Green Bay

Research shows that up to 80% of all people looking to buy a property begin their hunt by searching online. Increasingly people are turning to the Internet to find new properties, especially when they are not located near to the houses.

Why you need a local Titirangi or Green Bay real estate agent

While looking at the Internet gives you a general feel for areas and property prices you do not learn what makes the price of a piece of real estate so at some point you will need to involve a real estate agent. On the other hand, a successful local real estate agent must know their area. This includes not just the current house prices, and getting listings but they must also have a deep understanding of other important aspects such as pending building plans, schools, commercial development etc.

Much of this information is available from a lot of sources including all the local schools, the Council offices and property developers but it takes a long time to find it. A good real estate agent has access to this type of information which they can use to help people sell their home or to find new homes to buy.

Being familiar with using the Internet can certainly give you a good, fast start in locating Titirangi or Green Bay properties for sale from your home but unless you have access to a lot of information sources, you are still in the dark about buying or selling Titirangi or Green Bay real estate at the right price.

How to choose a real estate agent

1) Most real estate agents rely on their profile page from the agency they work for. They do not take action to promote themselves. They rely on buyers or sellers coming to them. However, a good real estate agent will have their own website so they can promote themselves better. And if they are actively promoting themselves, they are more likely to promote your house or get listings to sell.

2) Check on the number of sales that the agent has recorded in the last year. Some agents will give their sales for the last two or three months but it is better to see how they have performed over a longer period.

3) Do they mind if you check on a couple of the ‘sold’ house owners and see how their references check out?

4) How good are their negotiating skills? A key skill in negotiating is to listen to the client so ask yourself, “Does this agent actually listen to what I am saying?” You can ask how they achieved the selling prices for their recent sales. How was the sales price compared to the registered CV? Ideally, you want to feel really comfortable with the fact that the real estate agent seems a person that will understand your choices and wishes.

If you want to save time, money and frustration, take the time to find a real estate agent in Titirangi or Green Bay that knows the area and the true value of properties in the vicinity

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