Five Ways A West Auckland Real Estate Agent Can Help Sell Your Home

Good Real Estate Agents Do Make A Difference In Selling Your Home

Real estate agents are always seen around the suburbs of West Auckland with their big smiles, letter-box drops, and signboards posted outside properties they have listed. People often consider what exactly a real estate agent does to earn their commission. Given the fees involved, wonder if they could sell their home on their own – For Sale By Owner.

The Three Biggest Problems With Selling a Home Yourself
1 Marketing the property

This includes not just listing the home on sites like TradeMe but taking photographs that will attract potential buyers, deciding who to target and then handling the promotion of the home. You also need to organise open homes and viewings which takes much more time than people generally believe. For example, you need to remind people that there will be an open home, then you must show people around, and finally, you should follow-up after the showing.

Titirangi real estate agent
You can buy kits that help you with the process such as Homesell which is the most prominent self-sale option in NZ. This looks an attractive option but it is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort on the property owner’s part to make this work. At the time of writing, only 12,899 people have even bought the sale kit so most people understand the difficulties involved.

2 A long sales process
It can also take a long time to sell a home yourself. The biggest problem is getting your marketing in front of the right potential buyers in sufficient numbers to create an incentive to act before someone else does. Most people think that they can simply list a property and people will come flooding in to look at it. This is generally not the case.

3 Negotiating the price
If you have got all the preceding components working together and you finally have at least one potential buyer, the next task is to negotiate the price. The vast majority of people would rather crawl away into a cave than handle a significant price negotiation. People in general hate having to talk about money so if you are trying to sell some real estate on your own, you are likely to settle for a much lower price than you could actually get.

Turning to a real estate agent for help
Given these three major problems, it’s not surprising that homeowners generally turn to a real estate agent in west Auckland for help to sell their property. But many wonder if the real estate agent really does help with the sales process or are they just a way to save time? Below are five ways a real estate agent can help sell your property.

1) Ground work before listing your home for sale
The first thing a good real estate agent is going to do with the house is make sure great photographs are taken for you. The old saying that a picture paints a thousand words is absolutely the case in selling real estate. Good photographs will attract the attention of the right potential market.

Often, a successful west Auckland real estate agent will have worked out the best property photographers and will employ them for their listings to present them in the best possible light. Why not take advantage of this as a property owner? Ask potential agents about their photographers before you sing a contract with them.

2) Market the property to likely targets
Real estate agent Glen EdenMany agents will simply list a property on their company’s website and TradeMe, then hope that potential buyers see it. That is a shotgun approach which is rarely successful. If it does achieve a sale, it is likely to be well below the price that a targeted buyer wold have paid.

The best real estate agents in west Auckland know how to find and target good potential buyers. In fact, the best real estate agents have databases of buyers who are waiting for certain types of property o come on the market. When a good agent sees your home, they will be able to go into their database and contact those people directly, describing how the property meets their preferences, and inviting them to an open home. A private individual is very unlikely to have such a valuable marketing asset as this database.

It makes sense to take advantage of a good agent’s network of buyers to get a good price or a faster sale.

3) Staging your home for sale
Years ago, people simply put their home on the market and hoped for the best. These days, selling a home is more sophisticated than that, especially if you want to get top dollar for your property.

The first stage is to clear away your personal belongings, things like photographs of the family as these distract viewers. They need to be able to see themselves in the property, not your family. Of course, you must tidy up the house and clean it throughout. This is especially so for the kitchen and bathrooms. No-one wants to buy a dirty bathroom.

It also pays to remove much of your clutter. While you might think your collection of 1980s McDonald’s toys is cool, it fills up the rooms and makes them look smaller.

4) Setup Open Houses
Clearly one or more open homes are essential to show prospective buyers around your property. Few people are going to buy a house unseen. However, many people will declare an interest in buying a property but that is as far as they get. Few actually follow through and even go to see an open home. Often, it is “interested” neighbours who will come for a look and to get an idea of the value of their own home rather than having any real intention of buying your property.

So, for a successful open home, the real estate agent will have created a list of potential buyers and invited then to a viewing. But the pro-active real estate agents will then call those people to remind them of the viewing and explain why they need to be there.

This not only gets your property in front of people but, the viewers can see that there are others who are interested in the property and must therefore be active if they are to ultimately buy your house. Do not under-estimate the power of a “crowd” compared to a small number of home viewers.

The day after the viewing, the best real estate agents will follow-up with everyone who attended to gauge their level of interest. It’s almost as important to dis-qualify people as it is to get people interested in the first place.

5) Negotiating the sale price
Unless you are selling your home at an auction, as mentioned above, this is probably the most valuable part of the process that an agent can offer. Very few people like to discuss money with other people. They will generally give in to the first offer that comes along rather than negotiating a price that they deserve and can easily achieve for their home.

An experienced real estate agent in west Auckland will know the right price for each property based on their knowledge and hard-earned experience of selling homes in the area. They will know if the buyer’s offer is too low or if it is one that you ought to consider. They can also act as go-between so you do not actually have to face the other party which again is something many people simply do not like.

Summing up how a real estate agent can help sell your home
36-croppedThere are in fact many ways in which a good real estate agent can help sell your home. However, the five discussed above are the biggest reasons that people benefit from hiring an experienced agent who knows the local property market.

Real estate agents have so much value to bring, and good ones are going to work hard for you from start to finish.

My record speaks for itself with a high house price for rental property in New Lynn, property sales all around the area, and the highest house price in west Auckland. So, if you are thinking of selling your home, give me a call on 020 4005 2167 and I will give you an honest appraisal and the prospects of selling your property.


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