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12% Above Vendors’ Expectation For New Lynn Home Sale

I was recently referred to a young couple who are emigrating. They wanted to sell their New Lynn home but they had a few additional requirements.

Firstly, they were in the very late stages of pregnancy so they wanted things to be a stress-free as possible. In addition, they also wanted a lengthy settlement period to save them having to move twice especially as they wold have the new baby to get used to caring for. So it wasn’t the easiest property to market.

My Process for Marketing This New Lynn Home
I visited the young couple and talked them through my marketing methods. We discussed different angles we could follow and how I anticipated promoting their house. They also met other real estate agents but fortunately, they selected me based on the initial referral and also the marketing plan I had proposed.

We decided to go to auction too as I firmly believe this is the best way to get the top price for my vendors.

Best Presentation of the Home
I am a strong believer in making the home look as good as possible. With that in mind, even though they had recently decorated the living room and dining area, and also made a start on the kitchen, my first suggestion, a very strong suggestion I might add, was to get in a handyman to finish off the kitchen. The downstairs toilet also needed a small amount of work doing too.

The result – the house looked fantastic. One I was proud to be offering to the market.

Next we brought in one of the best real estate photographers I know to take some knock-out photos of the home. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, and good pictures are the initial trigger for prospective buyers.

Marketing Plan
New Lynn investment propertyKnowing the New Lynn property market as deeply as I do, I knew that the way to get the best price was to target a particular group of potential buyers. My database which I have built over the years is mainly buyers, not browsers. Some real estate agents will talk about their database but many of the people on those lists are tyre-kickers or people who just like to look around open homes. Not mine.

I knew I had some serious buyers I could target with their property which has so much potential.

I emailed my list to show them the pictures and explain the benefits of buying the house to them. Then I followed-up with a phone call. I make all my own sales calls; I don’t believe in having an assistant do them. It’s important for me to find out how the potential purchaser feels about the particular house and to answer their questions directly. An assistant can’t do that, no matter how good they are.

We arranged open homes and very quickly I could see that my plan was going to work as there was a surprising number of keen viewers. On my follow-up calls after the open homes, I could sense how keen a number of the visitors were.

The Auction Day
I set out my auction day signs around the neighbourhood so people could see where the sales was taking place. Actually, there were two open homes right next door and the sign for one of the had fallen down in the strong wind. Many real estate agents would have thought, “Fantastic, less competition” and left the sign on the ground but that’s not my way of thinking. The other guys are trying to make a living and help their clients so I put their sign back up.

As the time for the auction neared, the room was filling up including some late interested parties.

As the auction got underway, bidding was strong and went up in big jumps as people were keen to buy and we soon went past the reserve price. In the end, two people were left bidding but finally one finished. We ended with a very happy buyer and a delighted couple.

I am delighted to say that they finished their exciting week with the birth of their first child, a girl.

My Promise For Selling Your House
New Lynn real estate agentI can’t promise such great results every time but one thing I will promise you is that I will give each and every house seller in New Lynn, the same attention to detail and personal service.

If you have a house you are thinking of selling, call me on 02040052167 and I will be very happy to come and give you an honest appraisal of what I will do to sell it for you.



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